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Gobble Gobble Bitches Ya'll - News Recap

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In remote desert of Moab, UT exists a playground like none you’ve ever seen. This is the annual GGBY slacklining event.

The main attraction is the infamous Spacenet… a giant spider-web like contraception woven together by thousands of elastic bungie cords. Each of the 5 slaclkines is securely anchored to the rocks. The net, which is suspended by 5 slack lines, hovers 400 feet above the canyon floor

The Spacenet is the brainchild of world famous slackliner “Sketchy Andy”. Each year Andy hosts this amazing slack line and BASE jumping event.

Accessing the net is done so by traversing one of the 5 anchored slacklines. Once on the net, you can see down the canyon for miles and miles . The net can safely support 20 people at any given time. Once on the net, your imagination is the limit. You can to pull-ups, or simply dangle off the edge.

But of course the real fun is jumping off!! Jumpers have a 4-second free fall before their parachute deploys And if jumping off the net isn’t your thing, you can always fall through the middle of it.

At GGBY, there are about a dozen different slack lines to walk. Slacklining and BASE jumping aren’t the only two sports here at this amazing playground. Enthusiasts also rock climb. And if you have the balls to try this insane rope swing, you hurl yourself off the cliff’s edge and swing hundreds of feet through the canyon like a pendulum.

It’s not for the faint of heart!

The slack lines can also be used as a base jump exit. All you really have to do is let go!

Whether it’s paragliding, slacklining, BASE jumping or climbing… the annual GGBY has something for every extreme sports enthusiast.

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